Camera-Trapping the snow leopard

The researchers embraced two consecutive winter seasons in India’s Hemis High Altitude National Park (HNP) for census taking of the snow leopard using camera-traps. Although setting up camera-traps is a common practice, the expedition however adapted unique techniques to count Bengal tigers pioneered by the tiger expert Ullas Karanth.

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Dead Kings (Op-ed)

For the Malayan tiger however, it roams alone overshadowed by the giant panda. Albeit its status as an iconic national animal of Malaysia, it is degraded and humiliated. It only took one year from 500 Malayan tigers to be poached leaving only 100 or maybe less behind. It is ignored to the brink of extinction.

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Saving Tigers with the Tigers Alive Initiative!

The energy was great. I have never felt such strong energy especially attending a meeting. This meeting however was far different from the previous meetings that I have ever attended. While listening to a presentation along with other WWF’s personnels from different regional offices in the heart of Cambodia, it was at that time I realised that we are in a bigger war as I initially thought we were.

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