The Roots

I was thinking of a conservation “name” for the introduction, and I think the roots suits the most.  Its part of my habit of making connections between everything which is perfectly normal.  But you have to admit that the intro is quite cool..right.

In this blog you will find articles in regard to conservation news all around the world (I’ll quote them APA style of course, NOT). You will also find some travel tips.  Isn’t it a deal, a conservation blog that includes travel tips as well, that is like having WWF and Lonelyplanet together.  THAT IS A DEAL!  And also I might promote some of my films haha.  Related films of course..and that explains the “others” in the headline.  Conservation x Others.

I hope through my blog, I am able to contribute to your endeavour towards aiding nature.  It might not be a big contribution, but as long as it helps, it should be fine then.  Enough of the long post, I assume people would rather listen to the Malaysia’s Prime Minister talk on “Budget 2013” rather than my long introduction.   For now that is all, I will start to update my blog, by tonight..or maybe tomorrow. And also, I hope that I am able to write down my experience whenever I encounter any “conservation stuffs” to be done, since it is my blog anyway.  For now PEACE as i need to iron tonnes of clothes in the “clean” laundry bag.

Nature includes us



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