Bolivia and its’ River Dolphin


 I’ve just realised that it is literally pink!

Let us all congratulate our river homey(friend) the Boliveon Bufeo or also know as the Pink Dolphin as it has be..Now i don’t know what is the default color for my text…Goddamnit.

Anyway, back to the Pink Dolphin. The Bolivia’s parliamentary had constitute the dolphin as part of the Bolivian Nature Heritage last month.  Due to the constitution, conservation strategies will be implemented in order to protect these beautiful creatures.

According to the WWF website, the resources that is able to procure from the public fund will be used for the implementation of strategic actions such as protection, monitoring, management, environmental education and the development of sustainable uses like tourism.  A census conducted in 2007 by local and international researchers estimated the number of bufeos in the Itenez and Mamoré river basins in Bolivia to be 4,570.

Although a positive act has been  imposed to protect the Bufeo, threats too have been identified thaty will harm these rare Bufeo.  One of the threats is the river dam construction.

Rationally if the dam construction will be executed (or could be in progress), these animals will be facing the same threat similar to those animals who were terrorised in their own home in the Mekong River due to the Xayaburi Dam.  Or maybe, they’re going to built a bridge for this fishes to cross the dam as proposed for the Xayaburi Dam..SMART!

*For more information please click here.


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