1st Baby Rhino!

Image a new mother in the building!!!

A female greater-one horned rhino that was relocated from the Indian Wildlife to the national park for the expansion programme had gave birth to a female calf!

According to the WWF website, upon the monitoring activities that have been done, it is identified that the calf is the first to be born to a translocated rhino in Manas.

The mother rhino was located to Manas while it was in a gestation period.  The translocation programme was a partnership project between the India Government and WWF.  Obviously, the aim of the programme is to repopulate the population of these rhinos due to the massive poaching that is still ongoing.  WWF is trying to protect these creatures from poachers as there has been an increasing demand for the rhinos’ horn in Vietnam.

*Personally I think you guys (vietnam) have good food, you don’t need horns..but still even if you don’t have good food, you don’t need the horns..it doesn’t make sense now..

Anyway, it doesn’t stop there poachers have also been poaching these rhinos’ as far as the South Africa region.  According to the website, recently there were three rhinos that were shot in Assam, India.  Although one of them was able to survive from the wound, however it eventually died days later due to the injury.

*India is such a great country when it comes to protecting animals.  I have to say that I am quite amaze with the India government for having such amount of respect towards nature.  PROPS TO YOU GUYS!

For more information, please click here.


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