Mediterranean is “environment” insufficient


Intro:  Well i assume everybody knows what is footprint.  If you don’t, you need to take your IELTS exam and such.  Anyway, today it is going to be a different type of footprint, I am not talking about the footprint that is commonly known to people, I am talking about “footprint”.  Do you see the difference besides the quotation?….  What I meant is Ecological Footprint.

At first I was confused myself after reading the article below as I was not familiar on the procedure on measuring a country’s ecological consumption.  As I went online, I was able to discover about Ecological Footprint.

Basically what Ecological Footprint does is that it examines and calculate the amount of pressure of a person that is imposed on the planet due to their lifestyle.  This includes your daily basis activities on how do you go to work, what kind of house are you living in and so on.  After the calculation, you will be able to see the amount of your daily consumption and how it impacts the planet.  So yeah, hopefully with this introduction, you would be able to pound some Ecological Footprint knowledge into your consciousness.


The Article

According to the Global Footwork Report in their 2 years of study, the mediterranean are using two and a half times more of natural resources and ecological services that the land could provide, eroding the region’s economic security and countries’ capacities to guarantee the well-being of their citizens.

The additional usage of the local ecological assets was more than 150 according to the report, Mediterranean Ecological Footprint Trends .

It is very prominent to be proactive and invest in the environmental issue in order to sustain a better economies in the future as it is only possible to pursue by having a healthy environment said the WWF Mediterranean Director, Paolo Lombardi.

In less than 50 years, the consumption of the ecological resource had tripled which leads to most countries in the Mediterranean region to be ecological deficit due to overexploiting of their own resources.

Another reason which leads to this detrimental is also due to the income of the country.  The higher the income of a country, the greater the amount of consumption of the ecological resources and services.  According to the study, three countries alone contributed more than 50 percent of the region’s total Footprint in 2008: France (21 percent), Italy (18 percent) and Spain (14 percent).

For more information please click here.


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