SOCO was told to get out from Virunga Park..again

Earlier, I have posted an article a few days ago regarding the oil exploration executed by SOCO (UK based company) which was opposed by the UK government as well as WWF international.

Previously, both parties had made their point clear of informing SOCO to stay away from Virunga Park, however as the statement fall into deaf ears, SOCO has already announced on their project in exploring the Virunga Park in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

According to  Lasse Gustavsson, Executive Director of Conservation for WWF ” SOCO must stop its plans to drill in Africa’s first ever World Heritage Site or it could lead to a catastrophic impact on local livelihoods and the environment. Virunga is too important and too vulnerable to be put at risk by the oil industry,”

Not to mention that Lake Edward will be put in a risky situation of oil spill, the oil exploration will also jeopardise the habitat of 2000 mountain gorillas.  In addition to that, as DCR is currently facing war, the lives of the ranger will also be at risk due to this catastrophic activity.

The British government and a few of NGOs as well as the civil community are teaming up in calling SOCO to withdraw their intention upon Virunga Park.  SOCO & DCR has been informed  to respect the international conventions as it is signatory.

I assume some individuals will never appreciate such endowment provided for the nature and people. They are basically plundering the plants as well as the animals’ by squandering the nature just to procure a temporary profit. Oil is money making but what about the amount of fish that Lake Edward is able to provide? $2 million worth of fish a year is good enough to sustain the lifestyle. This kind of action is just similar to a country who’s occupying other people’s country by force, the only reason why people are not taking this seriously is because the inhabitants consist of plants and animals and too bad for them that they can’t talk. I really hope the DRC would make the right decision regarding this matter.

For more information, please click here.


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