CBD slow Initiatives, Claimed WWF

Governments are meeting in India in order to confer about their decision towards the planet’s future.  The last two years of claiming to protect the planet must be put into action.

According to the website “Over 190 nations will meet in Hyderabad from 8th to 19th October to discuss implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity, a legally binding treaty governing the sustainable use of our planet’s natural wealth.”

Words does not mean anything, so as the treaties which had been announced few years to protect nature’s valuables which had not been put into action.  WWF is urging the nations to meet in Hyderabad in order to start making action as promised.

“The targets agreed at the CBD in 2010 show that countries have the will to come together to protect our planet. Now they must put money behind their promises and turn their words into action.”

In Nagoya previously, 91% Parties to the CBD came up with a strategic plan and implementation, unfortunately, only 14% parties are revising and considering their plan as agreed in Nagoya during the last meeting.  In addition to that, very few implement what had been promised.

Indonesia however, kept their words by paying $28.5 million debt for a forest carbon biodiversity conservation program.  Same goes to Guyana where a conservation trust was launched which paved a way for establishing  National Protected Areas Trust Fund.

*All in all, action speaks louder than words, that is an obvious truth.  It is sad to see that people are misusing and breaking their promise in the name of conservation.  Conservation work can be an effective way of boosting popularity as well as reputation, however one must decide whether to do the right thing to do or to do things right.


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