“Champion Virunga!”, France

Yeah, shizz is geting serious yo!  First it was the UK government who declared disapproval upon the exploration in Virunga Park.  And then, again the UK government as well as WWF international  urged on SOCO to discard their  intention on Virunga Park.  Due to such bullshit, French leaders stepped in…

According to the website, Leaders of French speaking nations are gathering Oct 12-14 in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for a high-level meeting of the International Organization of the Francophonie. At least 20 heads of state are expected at the summit to discuss economic interests and other issues.

Host country President Joseph Kabila voiced out in proposing the Virunga Park to be opened for potential future investors.  As regard to the previous articles, such act is condemn by UNESCO as well as other conservationist due to it’s World Heritage status.

*Remember last time, it was SOCO (UK based oil company) was responsible for breaking in Virunga in their mission to explore Virunga for oil, however this time, Total (French based oil company) is joining the endeavour for the valuable natural resource.

Although Total conforms that they have no such intention on drilling within the Virunga site, however, they declined upon respecting Virunga Park regardless of future de-gazettement.


Lets add another oil company, that would be great..


For more information please click here.


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