Decline in rhinos due to poaching

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455 Rhinos were poached in the year of 2012 as reported by the South African Authority.  The numbers of poaching activities upon Rhinos had surpasses the number of activities which were recorded last year, 2011.

Although the Kruger National Park has become a favourite safari location for tourists, the poaches find it interesting as well as the safari has become their most favourable location to commit such heinous crime.

According to TRAFFIC, The demand of the Rhinos horn has been emerging since 2007 in the Asia region market especially in Vietnam.  It is said that the purpose of the horn is to cure hangover and terminal illness.

*How about plain water or juice for example!

The South African government finds it very critical to oppose this action which sooner or later will lead to the decimation of the rhinos population as it has become an illegal international trade.  Sparks run high as WWF is concern that the Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam will remained empty.  In addition,  Mozambique being the favourable spot for a transit for the illegal trade pressures the requirement of having a law which should be imposed on neighbouring countries as well urged Shaw.

WWF commended the South African government for their never ending effort in fighting against the illegal trade.

A major syndicate of such illegal trade known as the “Groenewald Gang”, has been charged under the killings of the 20 Rhinos and will appear to court soon.  The group is made up of a vet, professional hunter, tour guide and a helicopter pilot and is suspected to the killings of 20 rhinos.

WWF endeavour towards harbouring these Rhinos was done recently where 13 Rhinos were flown to their new home for the expansion program.

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