WWF: people are ready for action on climate; “world leaders” are not

Global Warming

(Image Credit to:http://images.nationalgeographic.com)

As discussions and ideas were exchanged and shared during the UNFCCC in Qatar with regards to the search of a pragmatic solution to overcome climate change, it has reach to the end on the 7th of December 2012 and the outcome was not satisfying.

The act of a few countries that opted their past and rejecting new responsibilities were regarded as disrespectful towards the negotiation that was held in the former session.  To make things worse, USA, Canada, Poland, Russia and Japan wanted to held the negotiation to ransom.

Science has spoken and we were able to experience how crucial it is to combat against climate change now after what had struck us.  A year missed by the government to take action is another year with added risk value.  Regardless of the negotiations that were negotiated for the climate change issue, the outcome was only an unsatisfying weak deal.

However, it is not the end.  Every day, there are people who are passionate to save the planet, and it keeps on growing.  For the first time in Doha, people were marching on the streets demanding for a better plan for a better future with better climate.

Although what was desired did not resolve during the conference,, the development grows outside the conference room.  People are hand in hand together insisting on having the need to on a serious discussion upon climate change.   The on going work will not stop until the government are able to come up to an agreement towards making a change.

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