What is Greenhouse effect?


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As I am still in the process of positioning myself in the conservation world, there are many things which I do not fully comprehend.   There are numerous programs and initiatives that have been presented  for a better future that puzzles me whenever i come across during my readings such as the REDD+, COP 18…  Regardless of the complicated terms and programs, I am here to contribute what I can to nature thus there is no turning back, so yeah, let’s start educating ourselves.

*There will be more similar posts about defining and explaining jargons and programs/initiatives just to pound some “conservation decency knowledge” in our skull.  Bear with me!  Let’s start with the first one.

What is Greenhouse effect? (bear in mind that this is the simplest form of explanation]

I am pretty sure when somebody mentions the word “Greenhouse”, this would come in our heads.


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If not then its just myself.  First of, there are two types of greenhouse effect, the first one is natural greenhouse that keeps the world that we are living in habitable and within it’s right temperature.  The second greenhouse effect is “manmade greenhouse” effect, in other words produced by us.  The main activity is the fossil burning such as fuel, petroleum and so on.  Basically, we are  contributing to the greenhouse effect along with what mother nature is doing, which is also releasing the green house effect.

However, that alone would not suffice the purpose of this post as we are still far away from comprehending the meaning of greenhouse effect.  In order to fully understand the greenhouse effect, we must understand Infrared Emission (IR) (a post from another website btw).  If you are done with Infrared Emission, please proceed with the next paragraph.

As mentioned in the website, everything releases IR. The difference is the rate of the emission.  This is where the greenhouse effect plays it’s role.  As the IR is released from the ground (as an example of a medium that releases IR), it will goes up to the outer space.  What greenhouse effect does is act as a cap to trap the “just nice” amount of IR in order to differentiate itself with other planets such as Mars, Pluto and so on.  This also means that above the atmosphere layer is as cold as your Panasonic ice box, or maybe more.

As we are getting close towards digesting the gist of greenhouse effect (no pun intended), we all know that human beings are “contributing” their endeavour by creating our own version of greenhouse effect aka manmade greenhouse effect via carbon dioxide emission (bear in mind that carbon dioxide releases IR too).  Currently our carbon dioxide emission rate has reached to the point of 390 ppm! I do not know how much that is but I can tell you that the unit is million, and usually million is a lot.

Thus, this answers your question upon the reason why there are constant sweat between your underarms whenever you wear something nice (with long sleeve), it is GLOBAL WARMING.  Scientists believed that we doing a “good job” in making our own greenhouse effect to the point that the CO2(carbon dioxide) emitted is able to penetrate the atmosphere layer.

To sum things up, if you are still puzzled on what is the greenhouse effect and how does it work.  Just imagine your head as the earth, and your  (insert whatever basketball team that you like) cap is the greenhouse effect.  When you wear the Celtic (my team choice) cap, it feels good, the temperature of your head is just nice.  However when you try to wear 5 caps at a time with a beanie on top of it, I can assure you that your head will be sweaty as a fat person.  So yeah, that is my understanding towards greenhouse effect.


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