Republic of Korea Renounce Whaling Plan


The Republic of Korea government has recently renounce their whaling activity for scientific purpose a few days ago.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) has released a circular which regards to the change of the Republic of Korea’s position on their initial plan on scientific whaling to another alternative solution that is non lethal to the mammal.

The announcement of the scientific whaling plan was declared in June 2012 by the Republic of Korea due to a loophole in the IWC treaty which allows “whaling activity” for scientific purpose.  Numerous countries and IWC members rebuked upon the announcement made as there are other ways to implement such scientific activity without harming the whales.

WWF congratulates the Republic of Korea for waiving their initial plan of scientific whaling and hopes that the decision made is a step towards conserving the whales in the korean waters.

As for now, Japan is the only country that commits themselves in whaling activity for scientific purpose although the meat goes directly to the market for consumers.  Japan has also illegally hunting for whales in the Southern Ocean, a legally-defined sanctuary where whale hunting is prohibited.

For more information, please click here.

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