Orphaned Rhino Battling to Survive Afte Mother’s Death

Indian Rhino

(Image Credit)

Last Tuesday, a mother rhino died in the hand of poachers leaving a 2 week old male calf behind. According to the WWF staff who is now nursing the Indian rhino calf, it is in a critical state.

There has been 16 deaths of the one-greater horned rhinos this year alone, and this is the recent case occurred in Assam, India.

After discovering the carcass of the mother rhino in Manas National Park, WWF’s frontline team, the government, along with other partner organizations went on a search for the calf to avoid it from malnutrition due to the death of its mother.

According to the WWF website ” The dehydrated and traumatized calf was located, captured and brought to a safe location for urgent veterinary care. Images of the confused newborn show it cowering in the corner of a store room where it is being held temporarily.”

Deba Button who is part of the WWF rescue team claimed that it was a challenge in getting hold of the calf as it was scared.

However, the calf’s life is not assured as at this age it is quite dependent on its mother for the first few years. Efforts on raising it among rehabilitation’s experts keeping in within the special fences or boma will be done.  To introduce the calf to the wild is possible but it is going to be quite challenging.

The population of rhinos across Asia and Africa are decimating as their horns are seen as a miracle medicine to cure from Cancer to Hangover in Viet Nam although such information is not true. Viet Nam has done little work on effort to stop this illegal trading by putting a halt on these false rumours.

As for now, poachers are taking the opportunity to hunt these rhinos down at the Manas National Park where the program to reintroduce rhinos by WWF and its partner Indian Rhino Vision 2020 are taking place. Up to date, four out of 18 rhinos were killed for their horns.

According to Dr. Dipankar Ghose, Director of WWF-India’s Species and Landscapes Programme, “ In Manas National Park itself, monitoring, patrolling, intelligence and protection regimes need to be strengthened and implemented on ground in a time-bound, verifiable and accountable manner.” WWF strongly condemns the rhino killings and renews its call to source, transit and consumer countries to increase protection and law enforcement.

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