About Under1Tree

Hello, first of all thank you for investing some of your time by reading through my blog. The purpose of this blog is to cover updated conservation news from all over the world retrieved from the WWF Global Website.  Basically, what you are currently reading are the paraphrased version of articles/press releases etc.  There are times where I have insufficient time to keep the blog updated but I will try my best to make some time as time waits for no one…

In addition, you can also find another blog about travelling.  I have not done much of travelling thus the posts are limited.  Again, if I have the chance to travel, I will make sure to make the travelling section updated.

*Along the way, I am also trying to improve my writing skills, if you notice any discrepancies upon my writings and the original article, I would like to apologise and please do not hesitate to leave a comment and inform me.  I will be happy to amend on what needs to be amended.

As for now peace!


Conservationist Z


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